Friday, April 26, 2013

Ice Princess

Nothing feels more legit than donning a blazer when you want to feel like a true working girl. Believe me, I know, because that's what I did yesterday. Naturally, I leaned towards the pastel shades because, first, I adore pastels. Second, pastels are in everywhere this summer. And last, because why not? (Yes, this is me trying to justify my love for all the softer shades of the color wheel.)

What I especially love about this outfit is that I didn't really spend all that much on any of these garments. This is proof that you don't have to throw money away to look polished. Try looking in your mom's closet, thrift shops, or flea markets- you are bound to see something that fits your style and personality (and that no one else has, which is always a plus). For example, this lavender top I have on is something I got from my mom's old stuff. And the powder blue blazer I got from my thrift adventure with Chase. She actually has the same blazer, because we were lucky to have found two of the same kind, which meant that these blazers must have been new and unused.

Top, vintage; Blazer, thrifted; Heels, random brand; Pink and gold bangle, SM Accessories


  1. Wow you look so classy!! Love the color combination! Hope you visit my blog!

    1. Thanks so much Olga!:) I'd be sure to drop by!:)

  2. gorgeous outfit! i love the colors and how the blazer is just the perfect lenghth :)


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